Teachers, educators and environmentalists are warmly asked to popularize Gemenc Forest-school. Please draw the attention of  the schools in your surroundings to our forest-school project developed with the help of Institute of Pedagogy.

A nagy kép szeperdo.jpg (15435 bytes)Our forest-school can be found in the village of Fadd-Dombori, which is situated in beautiful environment by the Danube, 24 km from the town of Szekszárd. Branches of the Danube River net the region at a length of 22 km. As part of the Danube-Drava National Park, Gemenc Forest offers an excellent opportunity for natural education.

All our programs are guided by professional experts.

As a learning method, the forest-school is obvious for natural education. This method underlines the methodological freedom ordered by National Syllabus. At  our forest-school children'll be given flexible guidelines to observe both themselves and their surroundings.

Project-centralized learning, children explore surroundings of the school within 5-10 km : eg. study and personification of a 300-year-old oak tree, stories, how people lived in different ages, personification of poets, study of their biographies, moving to different eras.

bagoly.jpg (10041 bytes)The forest-school is more than a simple field-study; this way of education fits in with nature. The syllabus doesn't includes necessary local knowledge, while our method affords opportunity to acquire local features as well. Instead of protecting school-lessons ( they've lost their sense ) local syllabus should be put into practice.

We have provided accomodation for forest-schools since 1991. Our thoroughly worked-out project offers teachers great help. In case of application further informations will be given.

A nagy kép ozike.jpg (13434 bytes)Besides natural, ornithological, environmental, historical, literary topics children can become acquainted with local folklore in the region of Sárköz as well. Accompanied by a professional forester, a hunter and an ornithologist, children will explore the fauna and flora of Gemenc Forest.


Our forest-school project was made by the Company of Forest-schools assisted by Department of Education.

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