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Fadd-Dombori, located in beautiful environment along the Danube River, at a distance of 120 km from Budapest and 20 km from Szekszárd  has been a popular holiday resort for a long time.

Fadd-Dombori is accessible:
By car on the highway No. 6.  (Budapest - Pécs ) from the North at Duna-szentgyörgy towards Fadd-Dombori according to the traffic signs, from the South at the junction of roads No. 6 and No. 63 via Tolna. By bus to Szekszárd, from Szekszárd to Fadd-Dombori by regular bus services By train from the Déli Station in Budapest to the station of Tolna-Mözs to Fadd-Dombori by regular bus services  
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Due to its well built-up open-air pools , tennis courts, football field, handball, basketball, beach volleyball ground, its disco hall and the Danube River nearby, whose water abounds in fish , the village of Fadd-Dombori has been the destination of both elderly and young people's trip for ages.

Parks of Fadd-Dombori are well looked after and their blooming vegetation makes your holiday enjoyable. Singing of birds, clear, fresh air, beautiful flora gives our guests unforgettable days.Water sports fans can rent boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle-boats.

ozikepar.jpg (7197 bytes)The upper reaches of the Danube-branch are especially delightful for those who like silence and have a passion for fishing. In front of the campsite there is a kayak-canoe pathway well-known in Europe. International contests ( also world championship ) have already taken place here. Other  noted international competitions are also organized in Fadd-Dombori. 

Nature lovers, those interested in fishing, water sports fans, triathlonists, all will take pleasure in the Danube River and its backwaters from early spring till late autumn. The branches of the Danube can be navigable at a length of 32 km. 


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