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Due to its water-area which is excellent for fishing, to its kayak-canoe pathway of high-level, to its well built-up open-air pools the village of Fadd-Dombori situated 24 km from Szekszárd  has been a popular holiday resort for a long time. Fadd-Dombori lies in beautiful environment, close to the Danube and Gemenc National Park and often gives home to international competitions. The good quality of  the services is guaranteed by the Rencz Family.

Fadd-Dobori parkjai...Parks of Fadd-Dombori are well looked after, their blooming vegetation makes your holiday enjoyable. Singing of birds, clear, fresh air, beautiful flora affords our guests unforgettable days.Watersports fans can rent boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle-boats.

The upper reaches of the Danube-branch are especially delightful for those who like silence and have a passion for fishing. In front of the campsite there is a kayak-canoe pathway well-known in Europe. International contests ( also world championchip ) have already taken place here. Other  noted international competitions are also organized in Fadd-Dombori.

VNature lovers, those interested in fishing, watersports fans, triathlonists, all will take pleasure in the Danube River and its backwaters from early spring till late autumn. The branches of the Danube can be navigable at a length of 32 km. 

Our apartments are found in the centre of Fadd-Dombori, directly bordered by Dombori-Danube and have an own landing-stage.

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Our first-rate accomodations:

  •  in our guest-house: 9 rooms, restaurant for 40 persons, lounge
  • 10 separate apartments (each suitable for 4-6 persons): big living-room, american-style kitchen, shower, toilet, TV, satellite receiver, upstairs 2 bedrooms
  • huge lawn, garden furniture, barbecue, place for open-air fire
  • programs and music events in the evenings
  • individual cooking facilities
  • table-tennis equipments, boats, kayaks, fishing tackles
  • pets are also welcome
  • on request we can provide you a professional, natural-therapeutic therapy : acupressure, reflexology, solemassage, computer-massage
  • guiding in Gemenc Forest
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Programs in Dombori:

  • designated jet-ski, motorboat, water-ski area on the Danube (5 km)

  • disco clubs

  • horse-riding (15 km from the accomodation)

  • tennis -court (50 m from the accomodation)

  • football field (100 m from the accomodation)

  • beach volleyball (100 m from the accomodation)

  • fishing for record-sized welse

  • boating

  • table-tennis


  • hunting big games in Gemenc
  • hunting small games in the surrounding woods
  • all sorts of organisations including licences are undertaken

Excursion tips:

  • to the area of living folklore, Sárköz, where the village museum of Decs, a traditional Sárköz wedding and wonderful folk costumes can be seen

  • -to Gemenc, where the wetland forest situatedTüzes borok by the Danube on 50 000 hectares and Gemenc Gamereserve can be visited both by narrow-gauge train and boat plying on the Sió and Danube. Trophy Museum situated next to Gamereserve was renovated in 1971 on the occasion of the International Hunting Exhibition. The museum now gives home to the Exhibition of Wildlife in Gemenc.

  • -Boat-excursion on the Danube

  • -Horse-riding in Gemenc

  • -Excursion to Szekszárd, the town of spicy wines


As one of the last undisturbed wetland forest of Europe, Csendes táj (27988 bytes)Gemenc Forest is the most significant natural area of the region.  Gemenc Forest lying along the Danube on 50 000 hectares has a very dence, jungle-like vegetation.  Different sorts of trees live alongside each other such as 150-year-old pedunculate oak, white willow, black poplar, black walnut. Groves, brushwoods, glades, ponds and backwaters of the Danube give variety to the forest.retisas.jpg (8057 bytes) The thick undergrowth offers nutriment and ideal  sanctuary to red deers, boars, deers and small game animals. Deep-lying areas get underwater during flood . The marshy and reed-covered parts of the wetlands give home to thousands of rare and endangered birds such as black storks, grey herons, black woodpeckers. The coexistence of  thick, jungle-like vegetation and barrenness of wetlands  gives a unique sight. The forest can be visited by both narrow-gauge train and boat plying on the Sió and the Danube. The train cuts through the forest at a length of appr. 30 km . You might be lucky enough to see deers and boars standing on glades. The train leaves from Bárányfok ( situated 8 km from Szekszárd ), the boat's port can be found at Sió-torkolati mű.    



HUF 10000 / Night/ Apartment for 4 persons

spare bed

HUF 1500 / night / person


breakfast HUF 350
lunch HUF 650
dinner (warm) HUF 550

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